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Chicken camp 1, Introduction (5 days)

Discrimination/Introductory workshop 2014chicken1

Discrimination/Introductory workshop, 5-day workshop 
Forty-hour (5-day) discrimination workshop introduces the fundamentals of training: 

OBJECTIVES: Teaching fundamental principles of applied behavior analysis, mechanical skills (timing), developing observing skills, training philosophy. Students train simple discriminations and perform what is called a stimulus-reversal, requiring considerable shaping skill. This workshop is preparation for the Cueing and Criteria level workshops.

: Sufficient physical, mental and emotional capability to stand the rigors of the workshop.
TIME FRAMEThe discrimination level Workshop is forty hours over five consecutive days

CONTENT: Students first develop mechanical skills by practicing handling the "tool" of chicken training, the feed cup with clicker attached. Then the student learns how to present food, first without the chicken, and then with. In successive steps, the student graduates to teaching the chicken to accurately peck at small paper targets. Correct timing of the clicker and observational skills are emphasized. The student learns how to coach others to train more skillfully. The student then teaches both chickens to discriminate between certain objects. There is then a shaping exercise demanding both decision-making and mechanical skills.

Each class is limited to 12 Students. Each student has 2 chickens to train

Timing - When should you reinforce?
Criteria - For what should you reinforce?
Frequency (gain amount) - How often should you reinforce?

Workshop dates 2014
Teacher: Marie Fogelquist. Language: English.
Location: Rommehed camp, Borlange, Dalarna
Date: May 28 - June 1, 2014
Price: 5 900 :-/ person and course. Euro 689/person. $899/person.
lunch and refreshments during the days. Excl breakfast, dinner and lodging.
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This workshop is included in the education Scent detection dogtrainer/handler education
for those students this workshop + accomondation is  included in the price for the education.

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