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Chicken camp 2, Signals and signal control (5 days)

Operant Conditioning Cueing workshop 2013

Cueing workshop, 5-day workshop

Forthy hour (5-day) Cueing workshop makes sure the student understands and practices what we consider the training fundamentals and exercises good observational skills.

OBJECTIVES: Learn applied behavior analytic procedures; plan simple training tasks; evaluate behavior; train simple behaviors and place the behaviors under cue (stimulus) control; an introduction to data collection and analysis. This workshop demands intense trainer focus on reinforcement issues.

 Completion of the discrimination level workshop. 
There are no exceptions to this rule.

TIME FRAME: The cueing level workshop is 40 hours over five consecutive days.
Most useful behaviors are controlled or cued in some way, i.e., a behavior occurs when and only when the handler wants it to. The second major objective of the CUEING WORKSHOP is to teach effective ways of establishing cues. Behaviors are trained and then placed firmly on a selected cue. When time allows, the cueing and criteria exercises are combined. Sometimes well-established, already cued beahviors are tied to new cues, an exercise in extinction. Sometimes cues are used to initiate events, while other cues are used to maintain strength of behavior-continuing signals or tertiary reinforcers.

Each class is limited to 20 Students. Each student has 2 chickens to train.

Workshop dates 2014

Teacher: Marie Fogelquist, Language: Swedish
Location: Rommehed camp, Borlange, Dalarna
Dates:  Price: 5 900 :-/ person and workshop.
Incl. lunch and refreshments during the day, excl breakfast, dinner and accomondation.

 Marie Fogelquist, Language: Swedish/English
Rommehed camp, Borlange, Dalarna
Price: 5900:-/person and workshop.
Incl. lunch and refreshments during the day, excl breakfast, dinner and accomondation.

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